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"Snails Thrace E.E"

About us

The company "Snails of Thrace E.E.. » was founded in 2009 in Alexandroupolis.
It has an open type snail farm in Feres Evros - intensive breeding area of 5 acres and a production capacity that exceeds 10 tons of snails per year. With breeding approval number from the Region of East - Mak. Thrace EL-71-SN-002. In addition, in Alexandroupolis laboratory for standardization, processing, freezing and packaging of snails, 110 sq.m. with full licensing by the competent services of the Region of East Mac. - Thrace and specifically Operating license from the Veterinary Service and technical Operating license from the Development Department.


The type of our production

The species of farmed snails is Helix Aspersa maxima. During the breeding (its period is from April to October) no pesticides, antibiotics and hormones are used, while the food provided comes from a certified company.

Production line

They are selected, cleaned (both in the kennel and in the laboratory), boiled with herbs, (for about 30 minutes) standardized in various packages and frozen in a quick freezer. Instructions and recipes are included in the package.
They are stored in the freezer at temperatures of -18 ° C where they are kept for over a year.
They do not need thawing.

Properties & Advantages of our product (c / w)

  1. In relation to the living snails have a lot longer life as a product and cooked quickly as they do not need the preparation of the living.
  2. Also in relation to live snails they have a lot heavier weight, because they are processed immediately after collection by the kennel and do not manage to lose weight, while the live snail until sold it loses weight because it self-maintains closed in its shell with a membrane, it loses about 20% in 2-3 months.
  3. Snails are one of them healthier foods, rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins with low fat and low calories.
  4. Their origin from a Legal Farm makes them safe for consumption, unlike the 'wild' that we do not know what they feed on (eg in pesticide fields, rivers with sewage or even the carcasses of other animals.)
  5. While it is seasonal product with our processing (pre-freezing, freezing, packaging) the end consumer can find them all year round.
  6. The fillets are ready for any culinary use or recipe in a pot or pan. It is a natural, highly nutritious food, with high levels of protein and almost no fats and sugars. It is a product fasting which can accompany pasta, be used in soups, omelets, pies or pizzas, be stewed, fried in flour or batter and generally used in any traditional or non-traditional recipe.
  7. It is a highly nutritious food, low in calories, with top nutrients. 100 grams of lean meat contains 75 calories, 14g protein, 2.7g carbohydrates and only 1g fat. In addition, it has a very low salt content, while it is a rich source of vitamins, trace elements and metals, especially iron, potassium and magnesium. 
  8. First of all, snail meat is a delicacy for connoisseurs, but it also has several advantages over other meats. It has a low content of calories and fats, and on the other hand a high content of inorganic nutrients, essential amino acids and beneficial fatty acids. The caloric value of snail meat is 60-90 calories per 100 grams of ready-to-eat meat, less than the meat of various fish, poultry and mammals.
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