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The company "Archontidis Fotis and Co. EE" with the distinctive title "Snails of Thrace OE" was founded in 2009 with the original name "Triantaphyllos Mmatsopoulos and S.I.A. Ο.Ε. » by Mr. Triantaphyllos Mamatsopoulos (Chemical Engineer and Economist) and Mr. Fotis Archontidis (Economist - Tax Technician) based in Alexandroupolis.

Through continuous acquisition of know-how and continuous development, the company currently has an open type snail farm - intensive breeding of 5 acres and a production capacity that exceeds 10 tons of snails per year.

All our available products are on the page "Products“. You can browse and choose the right one for you. We are ready to serve you! 

The company's farm operates in an area free of debris and industrial waste in Feres, Evros and very close to the Habitat of the Evros Delta. It has all the licenses required by the Legislation and the kennel approval number from the East Mac Region. - Thrace EL-71-SN-002. The type of farmed snails is Helix Aspersa, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones are not used in the breeding, while the food provided comes from a certified company.

The company also has a laboratory for standardization, processing, freezing and packaging of its snails. The laboratory produces frozen cooked snails in a package of 340 gr and one kilo, also a snail fillet in a package of 250 gr ,, the corresponding production in a jar with brine or olive oil is expected soon ..

The laboratory, which operates in the area of Apalos, Alexandroupolis, is fully licensed by the competent services of the East Mac Region. - Thrace and specifically Operating license from the Veterinary Service and technical Operating license from the Development Department. It has an approval number 01.K.06 from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and operates based on HACCP system (ISO 22000). approved by the competent Veterinary Service of the Region An. Mak. - Thrace.

The company has the ability to customize the standardization, packaging and recipes according to the customer's will.

We are at your disposal at any time. You can easily contact us by visiting contact page and filling out the form. In addition, there you can find information on alternative ways of communication such as via mobile phone.