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Breeding farm snails of the species Helix Aspersa are sorted, washed, boiled with herbs.
Helix Lucorum snails from the wild (collected from the fields) sorted, washed, taken out of their shells. Then their flesh is cleaned, processed with herbs and replaced in the shells.
Then the snails are standardized in carton boxes of 340g or in plastic transparent packages of 1 Kg and are frozen in a shock - freezer.
Cooking instructions and recipes are included in the packages.
They are preserved in the freezer at temperatures of -18oC, where they can be kept for over a year (2 years).
Compared with living snails they have a longer life span as a product and can be cooked in no time, since no prior preparations are needed.
Cooking instructions.
Take the snails out of the transparent package, remove any broken shell fragments and cook them following one of the suggested recipes or in any other way you wish. You do not have to defrost them.

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