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The company also owns a small processing unit where the snails are standardised, processed, frozen and packaged in plastic punnets of half and one kilo. The processing unit also produces frozen pre-boiled snails, small frozen snail pies and frozen snails cooked ala Burgundy.
The processing unit, situated in the village of Apalos near Alexandroupolis, has been fully authorized by the competent authorities of East Macedonia and Thrace Region. Specifically, it has an operating license by the Veterinary Authority and a technical operating license by the Development Authority. It has been given the 01.K.06 approval number by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Foods.
The company operates under a HACCP system certified according to ISO 22000 standard and Quality Assurance System certified according to ISO 9000 standard.

ISO 9000 Certificate ISO 22000 Certificate
The raw materials (parsley, garlic, onions, etc.) are purest and checked material from the same area.

The enterprise has the ability to adjust its standardization, packaging and recipes according to our customers’ requirements.


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